Refinance Checklist

Refinance Checklist

You are not required to provide any of the following items until after you have received a Loan Estimate and indicated your
Intent to Proceed. However, at the pre-qualification stage, the more information you are able to provide to your loan officer,
the better equipped your team at Milestone Mortgage Solutions will be to answer your questions and provide the high level of service you deserve.

Standard Documentation

  • 2 Years W-2’s and/or 1099’s (for all jobs)
  • 2 Years Complete Tax Returns
    • All schedules, all pages
    • Signed by borrower and/or preparer
    • Name and phone number of CPA (if applicable)
    • Payment arrangement w/ proof of payments and/or
      filed extension (if applicable) – Additional conditions
      may apply
  • 1 Month of Pay Stubs (full 30 days)
    • Must include employee name, employer name &
      YTD income amount
  • 2 Year Complete Work History
  • Social Security award letter/Pension Statements
    (if applicable)
  • 2 Months Complete Bank Statements (Please note
    that the balance in your checking and savings account
    must remain positive on all submitted statements)

    • All pages (even if blank) most recent 2 consecutive
      months including transaction histories
    • Must state full name, full account number, Bank’s
      name and running balance
    • All prior-month bank statements must be official
      statements. Online statements are ok provided you
      can print actual statements
    • No overdraft balances, overdraft transfers or
      non-sufficient funds will be acceptable
    • Large deposits may require additional documentation
  • Copy of valid driver’s license (or photo ID)
  • Resident Alien Card/Green Card (if applicable)

Standard Documentation Cont.

  • Divorce decree (if applicable)
    • Child support order & alimony agreements and proof
      of payment
    • Cancelled checks & additional documents may be
  • Must be current with Student Loan Payments
  • Elimination of monthly debt may require 12
    months cancelled checks (to exclude company car, etc.)
  • Collections and charge-offs may be required to
    be paid in full.
  • Current mortgage statement(s)
  • Current tax bill(s)
  • Current insurance policy(s)
  • Copy of association dues (if applicable)

Standard Documentation Cont.

  • Current mortgage statement(s)
  • Current tax bill(s)
  • Current insurance policy(s)
  • Copy of association dues (if applicable)
  • Copy of leases/rental agreements (if applicable)


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