Rachel is a loan officer who prides herself in walking her clients through the homebuying process step-by-step. She began as a processor at a large credit union, where she learned exactly how many moving parts are involved in the mortgage process. With this experience, she was able to build her business as a loan officer by setting clear expectations and anticipating needs. She loves helping everyone, from first time homebuyers to experienced investors, purchase new properties!
When she is not working on mortgages, Rachel owns and operates one of New England’s best livestock farms where she raises pigs, chickens, turkeys, and beef cattle. Her two cats, Apollo and Athena, and two dogs, Buddy and Milo, love to roam around the property and get into trouble. Her fiancé works full-time on the farm, and also specializes in construction, demolition, and snow removal. When they aren’t busy with work, they enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hiking, fishing, and enjoying the more picturesque aspects of farm life.