When you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

Verify my mortgage eligibility (Dec 7th, 2021)

This statement embodies my practice in the real estate industry. Through a variety of roles over the past 18+ years- as a loan officer, a realtor, an investor, and real estate paralegal- I have cultivated a passion for helping others achieve their realty goals. I believe honesty, integrity, creativity, transparency, and communication are all crucial components of a smooth and successful transaction.

Stephanie’s experiential wealth has given her a comprehensive understanding of the industry. She enjoys employing this breadth of experience to save clients’ money, to help them purchase a home, and to serve as an investment mentor. When she is not helping others exceed their real estate goals, Stephanie can be found teaching others how to perform DIY home renovations on her Facebook or YouTube channel, “Mom the Builder;” traveling; and homeschooling her son. Stephanie is excited to merge her passion for helping others with her resourcefulness and operational capability to assist our clients here at Milestone.

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