Rachel O’Donnell is a dynamic and accomplished professional currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Milestone Mortgage Solutions. With a proven track record of success and a diverse skill set, Rachel is pivotal in driving the company’s growth and ensuring operational excellence. Rachel’s journey in the mortgage industry began after graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Curry College in 2019. Throughout her time at Milestone Mortgage Solutions, Rachel has spearheaded numerous business initiatives that have significantly contributed to the company’s success. Drawing upon her strategic mindset and keen business acumen, she develops and implements strategies that drive growth, increase employee retention, and enhance operational efficiency. Rachel’s ability to analyze business deficiencies, identify opportunities, and execute innovative plans has positioned the company as a leader in the mortgage industry.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Rachel recognizes the significance of fostering positive employee relations and facilitating career growth for Loan Officers. She understands that a motivated and engaged workforce is crucial to the company’s success. Rachel invests her time and efforts in creating a supportive work environment, offering opportunities for professional development, and implementing programs that nurture talent and encourage career progression. Her dedication to employee satisfaction and career growth contributes to a cohesive and high-performing team. In addition to her responsibilities in business initiatives and employee relations, Rachel oversees critical functions such as HR, marketing, and the operations team. She provides strategic direction and guidance, ensuring that these departments align with the company’s objectives. Rachel leverages her extensive experience to develop effective marketing strategies, optimize sales processes, and attract and retain top talent through robust practices.

Beyond her professional achievements, Rachel is deeply committed to making a positive impact both within the mortgage industry and on the broader community. She engages in industry associations and assumes leadership roles to advocate for important issues and promote positive change. As the AIME MA Advocacy State Captain, Rachel utilizes her knowledge and expertise to advocate for the mortgage industry’s interests at the state level, working to shape policies and regulations that support fair and responsible lending practices. Recognizing the importance of giving back, Rachel actively participates in community outreach programs, with one of her notable contributions being her annual involvement in Habitat for Humanity Day Builds.